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Staying Inspired!

As a Chef, finding and staying inspired can be a big part of the fun! Finding inspiration in our daily lives no matter what we do can help keep us grounded. Myself, I find inspiration in many daily activities! From hiking, farmers market hoping, strolls through town, the beach....If you look its always there. How we interpret is up to us.

I often try to find items we love very day, fresh vegetables, doughnuts, classical desserts and dishes...then I spend quit a bit of time thinking how I can re-interpret the flavour profiles to create a modern twist on some thing that's been a mainstay for year now. I will often recipe tests a few times until I get it just right. To me this is true creation and inspiration. This is where Chefs get to shine! I recently made a twist on our beloved doughnut...creating a rosemary sugar, onion jam, apple balsamic and foie gras and the end result of "the savory doughnut" was incredible. Now I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this, but to me, this is my creation.

Another classic dessert was the Tiramisu! A beloved Italian specialty no doubt!

the balance of bitter sweet and acidic coffee flavours. In this dish I broke down these components and put them back together with some extra chocolate. Stay tuned for inspirational dishes and ideas, and if you have any ideas you would like to see me try and bring to your experience here!

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