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Chef Luke Griffin

Meet The Chef

I started out in the food and beverage industry at the young age of 14, as a dishwasher and prep cook out on Canada’s west coast.   I soon realized that I wanted to build a career in the industry.  I returned to my home town of Toronto to complete my education at George Brown Culinary Institute.  


Upon completion of schooling I worked for the Oliver Bonacini group in Toronto, spending 4 years within their restaurants.  Recruited  by Coast Hotels and Resorts, I headed back out west ending up in Nanaimo for a period of 6 years, where I lead a great culinary team in a five star restaurant.  In 2009 I then traveled to Victoria, BC where I lead a culinary team at Pescatores, arguably the city’s most prestigious seafood restaurant. 

In late 2019, after 27 years in restaurants, hotels and resorts, I launched Chefs Course, Vancouver Islands in house private Chef experience.  I continuously draw inspiration from all around.  October 2022 lead me back to Paris, France where I spent some time at Le Cordon Bleu, a prestigious culinary school, fine tunning some learnt skills.  From independent restaurants to large resorts and new restaurant launches, I bring over 27 years of culinary experience.

Other then the obvious passion for cooking and creating, I try to instill a love of family, tradition and the outdoors into food preparations.

       "I've been having an affair with food for a long time now...Bringing friends and family together through expression is one of the greatest joys.  Food is the one element that allows us to connect regardless of difference...."

                Luke Griffin​


Tel: 236.544.4654  |  Email:

Family Style


Great Way to Enjoy Friends and Family!

(Starting at @ $105/guest - onsite labour, taxes and gratuity extra)

Chefs Choice

Choice Tasting

The Ultimate Experience...Menus Starting at 4 courses and Going up to 12 Courses!

(Starting at @ $110/guest - onsite labour, taxes and gratuity extra)

Wine Pairing

Your Special Day


Get in touch for your special day!

(Starting at @ $98/guest -  Beverages,

onsite labour, taxes and gratuity extra)

What We Provide

All cutlery, Plates, glassware
Linen Napkins
Pots, pans, place settings
Personalized menus
Set-up + Clean up
Every menu comes with a "Chefs Course"


What We Require

A bit of fridge space
Access to stove/oven/bbq
Cleared off count
er tops
A small $50 depos
it to hold your menu + date selected
(larger deposit may be required for larger functions such as wedding and corporate events)

Other event experiences

Birthdays, Corporate Meetings/Receptions,
Life Milestones, Celebrations of any kind, Private Cooking Classes, Family In Home Weekly Meal Prep!  

Take a Chef

what others are saying...


Luke was an incredible addition to our 2-day gathering! He prepared 3 outstanding meals for our group of 9, including a 5-course dinner that was perfect in every way. Every dish was thoughtful, creative and beautiful - we were continually blown away by what was prepared. Luke's relaxed manner, positive energy and incredible professionalism made such a huge difference in our fully-packed days! Thanks again Luke and Sarah!

Ashley, Cowichan BC

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Tel: 236.544.4654  |  Email:

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