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Why can't the VEGETABLE be the centre of the plate???

Carrots 3 ways

Carrots you say? OK! In a world that has become very meat focused, we have begun (over the last 5-8 years) to see many Chefs (myself included) introducing vegetarian cuisine to menus. I believe this to be as much in demand as it is Chefs looking to create and inspire! The dish featured here is actually Vegan! Carrots 3 ways with pickled fennel...All locally sourced on vancouver island!

To start...we selected some beautiful carrots from Empress Acres right here in Nanaimo BC. We took the larger carrots and juiced them. We use the whole carrot in this dish, that what makes it so great.

Some of the juice is used in conjunction with a vegetable broth, ginger and some other stuff...The rest of the juice is cooked with agar agar, a seaweed extract to make that beautiful orange gel you see! We have some whole roasted carrots with a bit of Fredrichs honey and rosemary. The pulp, we dried out over 24 in the oven at very low temp. Once dried used a food processor and turned it into carrot dust for garnishing.

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