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Summer Harvest...09|13| the date

It's here! Our next po-up is scheduled for September 13, 2024. With only a limited number of tickets available be sure to get yours. Ever wonder what it takes to build an adobe house? To farm locally?

The importance of supporting local has never been more significant as it is today. With rising costs of living we need to support our local producers to ensure they are tomorrow. Can some of the local produce cost a bit more then what you can find in the local grocer or box store? Sure it can...but you know what I've noticed over the years? The food and ingredients you purchase from a local farmer will have a longer shelf life, thus in turn saving you money in the long run. Not only will the food last longer during storage, but your money will stay within the community you live, ensuring for viable local economics.

If making the trips to the farmers markets or directly to the farm stores just isn't in your schedule, then try to source BC products when ever possible.

Get your all inclusive tickets here and come out to meet one of our local dedicated farmers.

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