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Best Growing Season In Canada! (in my opinion)

I always get excited when the air changes and you can smell spring around the corner....It usually means some of the best Canadian produce is around the corner! Vancouver Island has a longer growing season then the rest of Canada, we live in such a temperate climate it allows for an abundance of beautiful; products!

As we turned our calendars over to June we begin to see beautiful flowers on these little plants and you just know strawberries are about to be in abundance! I picked up 20lbs last week and began making a variety of items...added some rhubarb for a delicious strawberry rhubarb tart, turned a bunch more into powder, gels and coulis! Why powder? Check out the image below. Fruit powders are a great way to enhance flavours in desserts and other dishes! Patience is the key!

House made strawberry hazelnut macarons! A little treat all our clients receive is a little box of seasonal macarons to finish out the event.

Keep following and reading as the season continues there will be more great ideas coming to fruition!

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