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A New Season Of Ingredients


One my favourite times of the year is upon us now. It brings back many great childhood memories. From where we grew up, to the school year beginning...But most of all, the memories of family dinners. You see, Sunday family dinner was a routine in our household. A nice Roast dinner with all the fixings...I remember it clearly as it always made me feel warm during the cooler fall days.

Now, I love fall for many more reasons (mainly because Christmas is around the corner and I love Christmas haha)...But with the change in the season comes a whole new selection of Slow roasted vegetables and meats...Braising techniques...Cooking in this manner almost forces us to slow down...take the be with friends and family. I love a beautiful Duck Confit, Or Braised Shortrib dish. The time and love it takes to make these dishes is surely to bring the group together.

So #bookyourexperience and have the family and friends come together! #ChefsCourse

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